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Nazareth - 2007 - 10 альбомов (192)
« : Февраль 19, 2017, 13:39:24 »

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Nazareth - 2007 - 10 альбомов (192)

01-Nazareth-Nazareth (55.8 мб) (1971) (192)

01-Witchdoctor Woman
02-Dear John
03-Empty Arms, Empty Heart
04-I Had A Dream
05-Red Light Lady
06-Fat Man
07-Country Girl
08-Morning Dew
09-King Is Dead

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02-Nazareth-Razamanaz (50.7 мб) (1973) (192)

03-Vigilante man
04-Woke up this morning
05-Night woman
06-Bad, bad boy
07-Sold my soul
08-Too bad too sad
09-Broken down angel

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03-Nazareth-Expect No Mercy (49.9 мб) (1977) (192)

01-Expect No Mercy
02-Gone Dead Train
03-Shot Me Down
04-Revenge Is Sweet
05-Gimme What's Mine
06-Kentucky Fried Blues
07-New York Broken Toy
09-Place In Your heart
10-All The Kings Horses

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04-Nazareth-Malice In Wonderland (57.6 мб) (1980) (192)

02-Showdown At The Border
03-Talkin' To One Of The Boys
04-Heart's Grown Cold
05-Fast Cars
06-Big Boy
07-Talkin' 'Bout Love
08-Fallen Angel
09-Ship Of Dreams
10-Turning A New Leaf

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05-Nazareth-Snaz (102 мб) (1981) (192)

03-I Want to Do Everything For You
04-This Flight Tonight
05-Beggers Day
06-Heart's Grown Cold
07-Java Blues
10-Dressed to Kill
11-Hair of the Dog
12-Expect No Mercy
13-Shapes of Things
14-Love Hurts

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06-Nazareth-The Catch (69.3 мб) (1984) (192)

01-Party Down
02-Ruby Tuesday
03-Last Exit Brooklyn
05-Love Of Freedom
06-This Month'S Messiah
07-You Don'T Believe In Us
08-Sweetheart Tree
09-Road To Nowhere
10-Do You Think About It (Ep Single B-Side)
11-Last Exit Brooklyn (Previously Unreleased Edited Versio

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07-Nazareth-Cinema (72.1 мб) (1986) (192)

03-Just Another Heartache
04-Other Side Of You
05-Hit The Fan
06-One From The Heart
07-Salty Salty
08-White Boy
09-A Veteran's Song
10-Just Another Heartache (alternate version)
11-A Veteran's Song (alternate version)

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08-Nazareth-No Jive (63.7 мб) (1991) (192)

01-Hire and fire
02-Do you wanna play house
03-Right between the eyes
04-Every time it rains
05-Keeping our love alive
06-Thinkin' man's nightmare
07-Cover your heart
08-Lap of luxury
09-The rowan tree
10-Tell me that you love me
11-Cry wolf

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09-Nazareth-Move Me (77.7 мб) (1994) (192)

01-Let Me Be Your Dog
02-Can't Shake Those Shakes
03-Crack Me Up
04-Move Me
06-Stand By Your Beds
07-Rip It Up
08-Demon Alcohol
09-You Had It Comin'
10-Bring It On Home To Mama
11-Burning Down
13-My White Bicycle
14-This Flight Tonight

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10-Nazareth-Boogaloo (70.3 мб) (1998) (192)

01-Light Comes Down
04-Open Up Woman
05-Talk Talk
06-Nothing So Good
08-God Save The South
09-Robber And The Roadie
11-May Heaven Keep You

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