Автор Тема: Accept - 2007 - 12 альбомов (128-224)  (Прочитано 1313 раз)

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Accept - 2007 - 12 альбомов (128-224)
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Accept - 2007 - 12 альбомов (128-224)

01-Accept-Bestseller-2000 (106 мб) (224)

02-Winter Dreams
03-Can't Stand The Night
04-Breaking Up Again
05-Son Of A Bitch
07-No Time To Lose
08-The King
09-Love Child
10-Run Through The Night
11-It's Hard To Find A Way
13-Generation Clash
14-Drifting Away (Instrumental)
15-Writing On The Wall
16-Metal Heart
17-Princess Of The Dawn
18-Just By My Own (Instrumental Radio Edit)

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02-Accept-Predator-1996 (66.5 мб) (192)

01-Hard Attack
03-Making Me Scream
04-Diggin In The Dirt
05-Lay It Down
06-It Ain't Over Yet
09-Take Out The Crime
10-Don't Give A Damn
11-Run Through The Night

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03-Accept-Death Row-1994 (96.9 мб) (192)

01-Death Row
02-Sodom' Gomorra
03-The Best Inside
04-Dead On
06-Like A Loaded Gun
07-What Else
08-Stone Evil
09-Bad Habits Die Hard
11-Bad Religion
12-Generation Clash II
13-Writing On The Wall
14-Drifting Apart
15-Pomp And Circumstance

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04-Accept-Objection Overruled-1993 (44.0 мб) (128)

01-Objection Overruled
02-I Don't Wanna Be Like You
03-Protectors Of Terror
04-Slaves To Metal
05-All Or Nothing
07-Amamos La Vida
08-Sick, Dirty And Mean
10-Just By My Own
11-This One's For You

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05-Accept-Eat The Heat-1989 (57.1 мб) (128)

02-Generation Clash
03-Chain Reaction
04-Love Sensation
05-Turn The Wheel
08-I Can't Believe In You
10-Stand 4 What U R
11-Break The Ice

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06-Accept-Staying A Life-1985 (90.7 мб) (128)

01-Metal Heart
03-Screaming For A Love - Bite
04-Up To The Limit
05-Living For Tonight
06-Princess Of The Dawn
07-Neon Nights
09-Head Over Heels
10-Guitar Solo Wolf
11-Restless And Wild
12-Son Of A Bitch
13-London Leatherboys
14-Love Child
15-Flash Rockin' Man
16-Dogs On Leads
17-Fast As A Shark
18-Balls To The Wall
19-Outro (Bound To Fail)

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07-Accept-Metal Heart-1985 (36.8 мб) (128)

01-Metal Heart
02-Midnight Mover
03-Up To The Limit
04-Wrong Is Right
05-Screaming For A Love - Bite
06-Too High To Get It Right
07-Dogs On Leads
08-Teach Us To Survive
09-Living For Tonight
10-Bound To Fail

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08-Accept-Balls To The Wall-1983 (41.2 мб) (128)

01-Balls To The Wall
02-London Leatherboys
03-Fight It Back
04-Head Over Heels
05-Losing More Than You Ever Had
06-Love Child
07-Turn Me On
08-Losers And Winners
09-Guardian Of The Night
10-Winter Dreams

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09-Accept-Restless And Wild-1982 (40.4 мб) (128)

01-Fast As A Shark
02-Restless And Wild
03-Ahead Of The Pack
04-Shake Your Heads
05-Neon Nights
06-Get Ready
07-Demon's Night
08-Flash Rockin' Man
09-Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away
10-Princess Of The Dawn

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10-Accept-Breaker-1981 (40.4 мб) (128)

03-Run If You Can
04-Can't Stand The Night
05-Son Of A Bitch
08-Midnight Highway
09-Breaking Up Again
10-Down And Out

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11-Accept-I'm A Rebel-1980 (29.2 мб) (128)

01-I'm A Rebel
02-Save Us
03-No Time To Lose
04-Thunder & Lightning
05-China Lady
06-I Wanna Be No Hero
07-The King
08-Do It

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12-Accept-Accept-1979 (31.7 мб) (128)

01-Lady Lou
02-Tired Of Me
04-Take Him In My Heart
05-Sounds Of War
06-Free Me Now
07-Glad To Be Alone
08-That's Rock 'N' Roll
10-Street Fighter

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